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Plastic granules feeder


Plastic granules feeder is mainly used to convey the powder and granules.If it is equipped with other equipment, it can load the material automatically which reduces labor.Capacity: 300kg/h- 2,000kg/h.



1.With small footprint and low weight, available of being placed directly onto other machines or containers for auto loading;

2. Microcomputer controlled;

3. Alarm for overload and lack of material;

4. PNVL-300G equipped with High-speed rectifier motor with delicate size and strong suction force--suitable for new materials;

5. PNVL-400G with Induction high pressure pump--with low noise and long service time;

6. Cable control board design--easy to set and control with distance;

7. Filter for air and dust.




Specification2.24kw/1hp   3φ3.73kw/1.3hp   1φ
Conveying capacity(kg/hr)500800
Loading distance(m)55
Static wind pressure(mm/H2O)14001600
Reservoir volume(L)107.5
Conveying tube inner dimφ38φ50
Specification of the attached hosesφ38×3.5    1pcsφ50×3.5    1pcs
Net weight(kg)6689

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