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Rubber Pulverizer

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Rubber Pulverizer

Rubber Pulverizer,Rubber Powder Grinder Machine,Rubber Pulverizer Price
Rubber Pulverizer,Rubber Powder Grinder Machine,Rubber Pulverizer Price

Rubber powder
Rubber Pulverizer,Rubber Powder Grinder Machine,Rubber Pulverizer Price

Brief Info of Rubber Pulverizer:

The machine is composed of crushing main engine, cyclone collection mechanism and complete set of electrical equipment.The main engine is the frame, main motor, infinitely variable speed motor, feeding mechanism, adjusting mechanism and a pair of moving abrasive disc and fixed grinding disk.The basic principle is to use the relative motion of two grinding disks, to cut and grind the material to achieve the purpose of crushing.Adopting the wind and water cooling to effectively control the crushing temperature to ensure the quality of the crushed material.The feed mechanism USES infinitely variable speed, can adjust the feed speed according to different materials, and achieve the better product requirement.

A complete set of tire crusher production line at room temperature processing waste tyre and waste rubber, equipment is equipped with water cooling system, micro wind dust removal device, atomized spray system, etc., also can according to user's special raw material with independent dusting equipment in addition to the fiber.The unit consists of a crushing host, cyclone separator, electric control cabinet and water supply mechanism of the four components. Pipeline cyclone separator and the host in one, the electrical set with electric control cabinet, the water supply mechanism can control the cooling of the machine, so that the material at room temperature work. The host by the rack, feeding mechanism, motor, feeding mechanism, a plane (or cone) fixed grinding and moving disc. In the crushing chamber by cutting, grinding to achieve the purpose of crushing, at room temperature, to ensure the quality of the material to be crushed by the wind turbine action of the finished powder, the pipeline into the cyclone separator, into the storage bag.


Tyre crusher mainly deal with waste tires and other related waste material, suitable for grinding, wire tire, steel wire tyre (radial tyre), and all sorts of waste rubber products or leftover material, making it the powder, and achieve the required fineness


Main motor22kw*3=66kw
Motor power78.75KW
Air blower7.5kw
Kwan Fan0.75kw
Feed size3-8mm
Final fineness20-80 mess
Grinding temperature≤70℃

Contant us:

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Product Type: China's Better Quality Manufacturer for Rubber pulverizer,Rubbermill Grinder,Plastic Pulverizer machine
Used For Material:Tires and other related material.
Application Field:Rubber 、waste tires recycling.
Place of origin:China
Price Terms:EXW,FOB, CIF
Payment Terms:L/C,or T/T
Package:Wood Box, Wood pallet, tailor-made
Delivery Time:15-30Working days

Delivery Times

30-90 working days since receiving advance payment. If you cannot wait for this suggested delivery time, please contact us freely, we will make any arrangements we can to meet your requirements.


Wood Pallet, fumigation-free wooden cases if necessary. All the key parts of the equipment will be painted with anti-rust oil before shipment and packing.

Technical documents

WANROOETECH will offer you all necessary documents, e.g. general layout plan, electrical diagram and user manual after the contract is executed.

Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work

After informed machines ready for inspection, customer can send engineers to WANROOETECH; Customer also can consign WANROOETECH to finish inspection work.
When the machines are delivered to customer's factory, please arrange preparation work before engineers arrive if require.
WANROOETECH will send technicians to the factory after preparation work is completed;
Technicians will be responsible for guide on-site installation and testing machines involved.
Meanwhile technicians will give free training lessons to labors in customer's factory.
The customer just needs to bear expenses generated for this work, e.g. airplane tickets (round-way), residency, meals and allowance of USD50 per day for each technician.

Quantity and quality guarantee

A: Quantity/Quality Discrepancy to destination port during transportation:
In case of quality/quantity discrepancy to destination port in transportation, customer should file claim within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination.
B: Guarantee period and after-sales services:
12 month since installation finish and machine normal working. During this guarantee period, WANROOETECH will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, WANROOETECH will provide spare parts at cost.
C: Long-term service:
WANROOETECH will charge the buyer cost of spare parts beyond guarantee time and provide long-term technical guide.

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