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Wood Powder Pulverizer is developed by using the latest technology at home and abroad advanced technology is a new type superfine wood powder machine, this equipment combines the domestic and foreign various traditional crusher crushing principle of innovation, the traditional principle of a kind of crushing mill, bold ideas through my company scientific research personnel, and integrated many kinds of crushing principle both at home and abroad successfully developed into a set of three kinds of crushing principle for the integration of high efficiency and energy saving wood grinder, is a professional committed to the light body materials, fiber materials, brittle materials and ductile materials such as special difficult pieces of new coal pulverizing equipment.The machine made careful, high processing technology, adopting double body, the injected water cooling effect in the body and into a kind of new material, sound insulation, heat dissipation function.Therefore, the machine has the characteristics of low noise, vibration, and low noise in production.

Wood powder machine appearance, durable, high output and efficiency than traditional wood powder machine up by more than 50%, is at present no crushing equipment can replace ideal milling equipment.

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