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Pulverizing System Project Case

WANROOETECH Factory designs and manufactures pulverizing mills and material handling systems for a variety of applications – PVC recycling, rotational molding, compounding and master batching.

We believe that quality should be integrated into every one of our machines. Our innovative, practical design and unique features deliver lower overall processing costs and maximize throughput. The result – up to 30% greater outputs than comparable models.

Our pulverizing mill design also incorporates standard features that are optional by our competition. This maintenance friendly design and component layout provides the highest level of operator safety and reduces clean downtime by as much as 25%.

“We deliver superior quality equipment, service & support.”

PVC Pipe grinded material Pulverizer Machine running in Chine China Jiangxi Province Sate-Owned Guosu Plastic Pipe Company

LLDPE,LDPE Pulverizer Machine Running in Iran Country,Rangdanesh Sirjan Co. For Compouding Pelletizing line.

Rotomolding Plastic Pulverizer Machine Running in Argentina Country, METALURGIGA D-A S.A

PNMF Series Pulverizing Machine Line Which 13 Machines Working Together With

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